Disadvantages of Online Hotel Reservations

On the other hand, there could also be drawbacks with regards to booking online. There are as well some disadvantages about considering online reservations. Some among those could be the following:

  • Some hotel websites are not into providing real agent that could be addressing the questions of customers about certain concerns in order to make reservations clearer.
  • There are some hotels that are into having limitations with regards to the choice of rooms and itinerary as well.
  • On hotels part, there could be numbers of customers that might cancel or change their reservations during last minute therefore loss of assured customer could greatly have an impact on the profit.

Mostly, disadvantages could be on the part of the guest but still there are numbers of disadvantages on the part of the hotel itself. Those that are mentioned above are just some among those usually observed ones. It is believed that online hotel reservations could offer disadvantages due to some factors including individual preferences or standards. Conclusion Generally, due to the increasing influence of technology to our everyday living there will be no doubt that it could be of great help to everyone especially for many businesses considering the use of technology. As one great example is being observed in the hotel industry which is the online hotel reservations. Through the use of technology hotels and most especially customers are provided with easier and faster booking for hotel rooms and so could offer great impact on the success of the hotel. Technology is now on its peak of conquering every dimension of humanity and society as well including the hotel industry.

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Advantages of Online Hotel Reservations

In connection with the use of booking for hotel rooms online, numbers of advantages could surely be experienced. Hotels are to surely benefit from the use of online hotel reservations and some of the advantages could be the following:

  • Hotels could increase the profits through doing away the 20%-30% fee that is being normally charged by the third party intermediaries. This margin could even be passed to the guests therefore increasing the loyalty of the guests.
  • The rates of the room could be controlled better and so reservations could be directly increased from the hotels own site.
  • Through following the reservation and shopping patterns, there could be improvement within customer experience. And also, through acting upon customers’ suggestions and following the online feedbacks there could be an increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Customers or travellers are provided with numbers of options as well as incentives such as freebies at restaurants, spas, gyms and other more facilities through online hotel reservations.
  • There could as well be a chance for the guest to experience virtual tour in the hotel site therefore providing customers better idea regarding the actual environment.
  • Guests will be provided with the first hand copy of the reservation acknowledgement there will be no possibility of any foul play within intermediary level particularly during peak seasons.

Those are just some among the benefits that online hotel reservations could provide to numbers of hotels all over the world. Aside from hotel, customers are as well to experience great advantages once they would consider the said method of booking. The best benefit could be easier and faster way of booking for hotel rooms without having to take almost numbers of hours or days.

What is Online Hotel Reservations?

Online hotel reservations are considered to be popular ways considered by numbers of hotels all over the world in terms of booking for a hotel room. Travellers are provided with the chance to book for their rooms on computer through the use of online security in order to protect the privacy as well as the financial information and also through using numbers of travel agents in order to compare facilities and prices of those different hotels. Before, travellers are needed to write or call the hotel directly or they are into using for a travel agent in order to make reservation but nowadays, online hotel reservations are greatly considered by almost multitude numbers of travellers. They would be provided with pictures of the hotels and so the rooms as well, deals and prices information and also local resorts information.

This type of reservation is also helpful in a way that it could make last minute travel arrangements. Hotels could as well drop the prices of their rooms once there are still available ones. And there are numbers of websites that could be considered as specializing in searches with regards to deals on hotels rooms. Since almost everyone is capable of accessing to the use of Internet, online hotel reservations are of great option to consider by businesses in the hotel industry.

Online Hotel Reservations


One among the most successful industries in today’s generation could be the hotel industry. Hotels are considered to be on the lead as of great idea for business. Due to the increasing numbers and demands as well of many individuals looking for quality accommodations, hotels are into the limelight today. There are numbers of great contributions that hotels could offer that’s why many are into demanding for the existence of hotel.

There are already increasing numbers of hotel businesses all over the world and the competition is as well on rise. Due to rising competition in the hotel industry, it would be of great challenge for every hotel owner on how they are to compete effectively and so be on the lead among others. One great idea that every hotel could consider is the integration of the advancement in technology. The use of technology in any business could be of great help for many businesses. For hotel industry, aside from the use of technology within the hotel management and operation, one among the best helps that technology could offer is through the utilization of online hotel reservations. Booking for hotels could be easier and faster once done online and numbers of clients would only want convenience and comfort looking for hotel that will provide them high quality accommodation services.